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IPQuester content is XML-based and it is ready to be incorporated into web sites, corporate intranets, IP docketing software and any other electronic platforms. Additionally, IPQuester content is ready to be commercialized and redistributed by publishers and online content vendors.

Law firms, IP services providers and corporations
For that customer interested in making IPQuester content available to its customers, partners or employees through its corporate intranet or web site.
IP software developers and online services providers
For that customer interested in including IPQuester content in its web site or IP software product as an added value service for its customers. In this way, the IPQuester content is offered as a part of an existing service or product. There are some restrictions on the extension and the ways the content can be distributed. Beyond the IPQuester practice & proceedings content, new content has been developed by this kind of customers: IPQuester abstracts & rules.
Publishers and resellers
For that customer interested in commercializing the IPQuester content to third parties. Royalties, target market and other issues will be agreed upon by Equerion and the customer.

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