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IPQuester's information is updated in a weekly basis by experienced IP professionals that check regularly more than 300 electronic and printed publications and information sources, worldwide. Also, a network of 100 IP law firms, covering over 180 countries, contributes to maintaining the information updated.

Equerion is the responsible for translating, correcting, editing, publishing and updating IPQuester's information, involving IP practitioners, lawyers, correctors, translators, data-entry and technology specialists in the process.

Content support service and assistance

Equerion's team not only maintains the IPQuester's information updated, but also answers questions and addresses concerns of IPQuester's customers.

These questions and concerns could be originated when the customer believes some part of IPQuester's information appears to be incomplete, not updated or simply, the customer has a doubt about it.

In these cases, the IPQuester team starts research on the requested matter, including possible consultations with official sources and IPQuester's associated law firms. Then it delivers an answer to the customer via e-mail.
Industrial property fees for any country in less than 96 hours

Equerion offers, through IPQuester or as a separated service, information about any industrial property fee for any of the 260 countries and jurisdictions covered (See Jurisdictions).

This fee information is delivered to the customer in an electronic mean (e-mail, XML, Microsoft® Word™ or Adobe® PDF document) in less than 96 working hours, containing the requested fee(s) in the currency of origin and its exchange rate in the customer's domestic currency.

For more information about this service or, if you are interested in acquiring the service separately, please contact Equerion here.

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