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Every day, thousands of patent and trademark applications are filed throughout the world. In 2006 alone, in the top 100 countries, more than 1,450,000 patents and 1,930,000 trademarks were filed (See World Intellectual Property statistics), not counting, industrial model, design and utility model registrations, among others.

This task is carried out by industrial property (IP) law firms, agencies and some in-house departments of large corporations. Their IP professionals are in charge of pursuing the corresponding registrations and controlling of the evolution thereof in the national offices of each country.

These IP professionals must be capable of making the corresponding registrations in other countries designated by their customers, or of outsourcing said task to a foreign law firm and of carrying out the monitoring.

In any case, the IP professionals working on them must analyze the contingencies occurred in the foreign country(ies) and act accordingly.

These IP professionals, who manage international/regional registrations, need to be updated about the latest developments on IP matters in every country where their IP assets are.

Even when this information can be accessed through different ways (including official web sites, commercial web sites, printed publications and foreign law firms), the information is spread over hundreds of sources, most of them in foreign languages, with non-update contents or expensive professional services/subscriptions that only cover a portion of the desired information.

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